Who We Are

WE ARE the model for how youth sports organizations will look in the future. I encourage all parents to read the following resources that serve as guide to how we operate, teach, and behave as the preeminent youth sports organization in our state: Changing the Game, by John O'Sullivan, Project Play 2020, by The Aspen Institute, and Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth.

WE ARE focused on the development of every single child, both as baseball players and more importantly, as people. We believe in the potential of every single player, regardless of their current ability or experience level. Every player receives personalized coaching from our professional staff on every aspect and every sport specific skill during our indoor preseason training sessions, and is positively challenged to become the absolute best he or she can be throughout the season.

Further, and more importantly, we believe in developing our players as people of the highest possible moral character, without exception. We teach character and personal values as much, if not more than we teach baseball skills. Our players, our coaches, and our families behave at the highest possible moral standard, and nothing less will be accepted.

That is who we are...... and WE ARE!!!! SLAMMERS!!!!